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The SCAN Web Administration Site provides users with access to site communication summaries and statistics and also allows users to send commands to devices that are connected to Vaisala RPU sites.

This document will describe standard SCAN Web administration functions as well as issues revolving around controlling access to this site.

Accessing the SCAN Web Administration Site

To access the SCAN Web Administration site you must obtain a user name and password from your system or network administrator. Once you have a valid user name, you can access the administration pages by selecting the Administration link from the SCAN Web Navigation Bar (if this option is configured) or by obtaining the proper URL from your system administrator.

Any user that gains access to these pages can send commands to properly configured devices and/or perform Refresh Site tasks. Only users authorized to perform administration functions should be given access to this site. You can add the Administration Home page to you browser's favorites once you have obtained permission to access the site.

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar is displayed on the left side of the screen and provides a standard location for SCAN Web administration links. The navigation bar has been split into three main sections: SCAN Web, Communications, and Devices. Most pages also contain embedded links that provide additional navigation and user capabilities.

The remainder of this document will describe the each menu section and provide a detailed description for each administration page.

SCAN Web Menu Section

The SCAN Web menu section will be displayed on all pages. It contains links to system level pages such as the SCAN Web Home page, the SCAN Web Administration Home page, and this Administration Guide. You may also request other links to be added to this section such as a link to a state DOT home page.


The Administration link provides an easy way to return to your SCAN Web Administration Home page. This page should be used as a starting point for each administration session and should be the page you "bookmark" or add to your browser's favorites to gain access to the administration site.

This page can be modified to display custom information for your installation if requested.


This link provides a quick link to your SCAN Web Home page.


The Cameras link provides a central location for all of your site video images that are collected by your SCAN Server. This link will only be displayed when cameras are installed as part of your SCAN system.

Bridge Sprayers

The Bridge Sprayers link provides a central location for all of your bridge sprayers that are configured on your SCAN Server. This link will only be displayed when bridge sprayers are installed as part of your SCAN system.

Administration Guide

The Administration Guide is provided for information on the use of the SCAN Web Administration Site and provides a quick link to this document.

Additional Links

Additional links can be added to the SCAN Web menu section for any URL address by contacting your Vaisala representative.

Communication Menu Section

The Communication menu displays a link to the Communication Summary page. This is the central communications page and provides access to all communication summaries, statistics, history, and site refresh capabilities.

Communication Summary

The Communication Summary page provides a quick overview of the current state of communications between your SCAN Server and Vaisala RWIS sites. The following data is displayed for each RWIS site that is being polled by your SCAN Server:

Site name or location
Data Time (for the latest data collected)
Last Com Time (of the last communication session)
Status (of the last communication session)

Links are also provided to each site's communication statistics and communication history. A Refresh link will be provided for all sites that are configured to allow SCAN Web users to request an unscheduled site communication session.

SCAN Web only supports communication statistics for NTCIP compliant sites and Vaisala ESP RPU sites. Communication information is not currently supported for SCAN Detector and Vaisala SP RPU sites and will not be supported by this release.

Communication Statistics

The Communications Statistics page displays the communication success rate for a particular site. These statistics are broken down by each day of the month. A total for the month is also provided. The following stats are collected:

Day (of the month)
Success Rate (percentage of successful communication sessions)
Attempts (total number of sessions)
Successes (number of successful sessions)
Failures (number of unsuccessful sessions)

A menu providing access to communication stats for the last 12 months is located at the top of each page. Simply select the month you wish to view. The selected month will be displayed in bold type.

Communication statistics are collected once per day and cover the previous day. To view the most recent communication histories for the current day, select the Communication History page. You can access the history page from the Communication Summary page.

Communication History

The Communication History page provides a quick way to view the status of each communication session that has taken place over the past 24 hours. Each history page will display the following information for each communication session for a particular site:

Last Com Time (time of each communication session)

Histories for the previous day are removed from system when they are tallied by the communications metrics collection task which runs each evening.

Refresh Site

The Refresh Site page provides SCAN Web users the capability to submit requests for unscheduled site polling sessions. Simply click the Refresh Site button.

The SCAN Server will then attempt to call the site immediately. If the SCAN Server is unable to communicate with the site, the communication session will be logged as being unsuccessful. Unsuccessful refresh requests are not retried. Only sites that are configured to provide this functionality will support a Refresh link. The Refresh link is displayed on the Communication Summary page.

Keep in mind that refresh requests will not be retried when either the SCAN Server's modem used to poll the site is in use or if there are any communication problems between the SCAN Server and the specified site. This feature should only be used to request data from sites that are being polled infrequently.

Devices Menu Section

The Devices menu will provide a link to a history page for any device that has been configured to accept device commands from SCAN Web users. Only devices that are configured to support this capability will be listed.

Device Interface

The Device Interface page allows a user to send a command to the specified device. This page also displays the current device status information. For Generic devices, links will be provided to the device history page and a device interface log which records all user requests made to the specified device.

Pending requests are displayed along with a command selection panel. To send a command to the device, simply select the desired command and click the Send Command button. The SCAN Server will then attempt to call the RPU and set the device immediately using the specified command. If the SCAN Server is unable to communicate with the RPU, the requested device command will be sent during the next scheduled polling session. The command will be listed as Pending until it has been successfully sent to the site.

Keep in mind that the command will be queued if either the SCAN Server's modem used to poll RPU is in use or if there are any communication problems between the SCAN Server and the specified site. Typically, it takes a minimum of one minute for the device command to be sent to and processed by the RPU.

Remember that the command will be queued if the SCAN Server cannot immediately communicate with the site and will be sent during the next successful polling session.